3 Amigos Reposado

3 Amigos Reposado is an all around great choice of tequila. It is our Blanco that is rested in charred white oak barrels for eleven months. Some consider this tequila as the best of both worlds. Our Reposado inherits traits of the charred barrels but still carries the hints of blue agave. Unlike our competitors who age their Reposado for the two-month minimum, our Reposado is rested for 11 months. Like all 3 Amigos Tequilas, our Reposado can be enjoyed in a snifter glass to thoroughly and appreciably experience its distinctive flavor.

Color - Light Amber

Aroma - Sweet agave with wood; caramel with light floral notes

Taste - Hints of blue agave and caramel

Finish - Light floral with spice and oak

40% Alc. Vol.
Available in 750 ML

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