3 Amigos Organic Blanco

3 Amigos Organic Blanco Tequila earned its organic certification in the United States and the European Union, making it one of the world’s first tequilas to achieve this distinction. Our award-winning USDA Certified Organic Kosher Tequila is an ultra smooth tequila that embraces the true flavor of ripe and pure organic blue agave. Unlike other ultra premium tequilas, 3 Amigos Tequila is only distilled twice rather than three times, leaving the true taste and body that tequila should never be without. As a result of this attention and dedication, our Organic Blanco delivers a new standard of premium tequila that is unsurpassed.

Color - Clear

Aroma - Notes of dry fruit and cooked agave

Taste - Natural agave sweetness

Finish - Smooth with light spice

40% Alc. Vol.
Available in 750 ML

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